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ISO 9001 certificate

                                                                             QUALITY POLICY

 Execution of the Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with ISO 9001 2015 and compliance with legal and other requirements.

 By continually improving quality, delivery, service and costs, we aim to meet our customers' expectations.

 We would like to maintain the goals we have achieved through further training and the use of the latest technologies and proven business practices.

 In order to encourage our employees to be highly motivated and to develop personally and professionally, we create a pleasant, supportive and growth-oriented working environment.

 Maintain a high level of integrity when interacting with business partners and employees.

 Regularly review every aspect of the quality system to promote a culture of continuous improvement that benefits the customer and the company.

                                                    ORMAK CNC METAL VE MAKİNE SAN. VE TİC. LTD. ŞTİ


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