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Turned parts manufacturer

Finding the perfect turned parts manufacturer presents a significant challenge. Just as precision is essential in the manufacture of turned parts, various factors must come together during production: state-of-the-art machinery, unwavering commitment to meeting deadlines and the highest precision to ensure certified quality to ensure.

At Ormakcnc, this level of excellence is deeply embedded in our work. We see ourselves not only as a reliable supplier of first-class turned parts, but also as a solution provider for our customers. No matter your industry or the challenges you present to us, we will deliver the ideal solution in the form of flawlessly manufactured turned parts.

Turned parts for all industries





Our goal is to produce high quality turned parts and deliver them on time to our customers, regardless of the industry in which they operate. With nearly half a century of experience in the industry, we have served a wide range of industries including automotive, plastics, mechanical engineering, fluid and hydraulic engineering, and aerospace. Anyone who values precision, quality and reliability will consistently and confidently choose Ormakcnc.

Our demand for quality as a manufacturer of turned parts

Since our founding in 1998, as a trustworthy manufacturer of turned parts, we have always placed emphasis on reliable quality. With the support of around 30 specialists in consulting, planning and production as well as our ongoing commitment to modernizing and further developing our processes and technologies, we deliver tailor-made turned parts and assemblies of the highest quality. Numerous industrial customers worldwide trust in our expertise. You can also count on us to produce your desired turned parts and assemblies according to your specifications.

We export turned parts worldwide

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